Hello Peugeot (504) Friends

Over the years I have collected cars but also pictures, brochures, magazines, technical manuals, miniatures, and more. Part of this collection I want to share with you here. Thanks for your interest!

How it Started

After a 2CV a Beetle and a Taunus 15M TS, dad bought his first Peugeot 504 when I was nine years old (37 years ago) because it was recommended to him for pulling his new caravan. I still recall that we entered a 'Nefkens' garage and were first offered an Opel Commodore battleship. Fortunately we left with an elegant dark green 504. The first two 504s didn't last very long (crashed) but the third one was with us for over ten years. By that time the lower part of all doors were completely gone but the end only came 'by accident'. I was then already infected by the Peugeot virus for a number of years and the proud owner of two 504's myself (one to provide the spare parts for the other).


Kugelfisher Injection Membranes for Sale !

Folks all over the world contact me for information. I'm very happy I've been able to help some of you out, especially with brand new Kugelfisher Membranes for the Injection pump on the KF5 and XN2 engines.

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